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Working From Home – Pros & Cons

by | Mar 25, 2020 | News

Working from home- Pros and Cons

There are enough facts, figures and information on COVID-19 out there, but no one prepared us for the fact almost all workers would be working from home.

It is an interesting time for us recruiters to. The last week my time has been spent chatting to active and passive candidates to gather their thoughts on working from home and the pros and cons that come with it considering we do different jobs and duties our thoughts were similar.

Candidates in the funds space work on 2 sometimes 3 monitors in work and now need to adapt to working off a small laptop. This has caused a delay in the completion of their tasks and has caused frustrations. If this is you don’t worry you are not alone. It is so important to have regular catch ups with your teams and managers so not to let the stress build up.

In recruitment, all I need is a phone and a laptop so I can’t really relate, however, check out this step by step guide to potentially setting up dual monitors at home. Use the internet to make your workday as easy as possible for you.

Step by step guide by PC World – How to set up two monitors

This is my first time working remotely and I too have faced challenges. The main challenge for me has been to keep myself focused with 5 people in my house, it has been intense for us all. The Wifi doesn’t know what hit it. I found planning out my day and taking regular breaks has been key for my productivity levels along with regular Video calls with my team.

Employees with young families at home are using this time to do stuff they don’t get the chance to do when they work in the office, such as sitting down for breakfast and lunch together. This keeps the kids entertained and breaks up their day.

I am lucky that I use my lunch time to go for a walk on the beach as oppose to during the lunchtime rush around Merrion Square.

On a side note for me, working from home has saved me a total of almost €76 just over the last 7 days as I don’t buy my morning coffee before my 60-minute commute (which I don’t miss by the way) and I don’t have to pay city prices for a sandwich I can make from home, silver linings!

I understand working from home is very different to working in the office; you cant shout over to a colleague if you have a question, you may not get to have the day to day interaction with some colleagues on other teams, all of these are factors that contribute to your social needs and working environment. Try to use this time to catch up on administration but don’t be afraid to organise catch-ups over VC to break up your day but also to increase productivity levels.

To sum up briefly, working from home has got positives and negatives for everyone. It is about making it work for you. For some companies, this will be the start for change.

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