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The Credit Landscape in Ireland has changed

by | Apr 16, 2019 | News

The Credit Landscape in Ireland has changed

Retail and Corporate customers now have more choice when it comes to selecting a lending provider. Low interest rates and increased regulation have had a massive impact on the Irish Market.  With investors chasing a higher yield and the pillar banks’ loan book reducing, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are growing exponentially. This was confirmed at a CFA event last week where Svi Rosov, PhD, CFA advised that IPO’s are on a downward spiral due to entrepreneurs having increased access to private credit.

Over the last three years, we have seen the introduction of direct lenders to the Irish Market. Personally, I have seen Personal Finance, SME Finance, Commercial Investment Property and Development Finance firms opening their doors to People and Companies looking for alternative sources of finance. These lenders will not replace the pillar banks but will offer a more diverse market for the borrower.

What does this mean for Candidates in the Banking Market? People who are already working in the Pillar banks within Personal / SME / Business Banking / Commercial Lending and even Corporate Banking are been given very interesting alternatives for their careers. If you currently hold or have held a personal Delegated Authority, then this will assist in getting you into your next interesting role.


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