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Returning to the Emerald Isle

by | Apr 2, 2020 | News

In these uncertain times we are seeing an increasing trend in Irish expatriates moving, or in the process of, moving back to Ireland.

My advice, where possible, is always to avoid the temptation of trying to secure a job before the move home. Most of us are risk averse in our nature and not having a secure job is an uncomfortable feeling but holding off until you are back on these shores will greatly enhance the opportunities that are available to you, I speak from personal experience. After 10 years in Australia I returned to Ireland in 2014 and found that there were some excellent opportunities once I was on the ground. It was a shock to the system moving home, I left a single man and returned, to a very different Ireland, a family of 3!

My only caveat on this is that in these uncertain times we are seeing an ever increasing acceptance to conduct the entire recruitment process via video conference which has been a huge positive for the industry and will expose many companies to a larger network of talented individuals if we continue to embrace this trend.

It is very encouraging to see that most professionals we are speaking to, both locally and overseas, are very open to discussing a career move. It is important to remember that WHEN, not if, the economy rebounds we will see very strong opportunities both locally and globally as many economies start to rebuild and grow.

Whilst there has definitely been a slowdown in recruitment activity there are still some very good opportunities out there and it will be important for candidates to keep up to date on the current and future job market, the early adopters amongst us will benefit most.

We are here to offer support and guidance throughout this time of uncertainty.


If you are a Financial Services professional working in Operations, Finance or Risk & Compliance please feel free to get in touch regards employment opportunities or for a more general discussion on moving home or relocating to Ireland.

Contact us at or 01 539 0615.

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