Want to be in ManCo?

Picture of two Dublin City doors

Over the last 18 month we have seen a lot of activity in the Management Companies (ManCo) space. Traditionally born in the UCITS world, coupled with the introduction of the AIFM directive there has been a lot of activity in the Dublin ManCo sector. Established firms such as Bridge, Carne & DMS have increased their market share and we have also seen new entrants to the local market such as FundRock.

Post Brexit and with new regulatory frameworks in place it is expected that the ManCo will now play a much bigger part in the fund structure itself and associated operations. Coupled with issues surrounding passporting on funds in Europe this is good news for the funds industry in Ireland as Manco’s present a very attractive career option for Irish expats with strong funds management skills and it’s an exciting and varied career path for high calibre local professionals who come from an audit, compliance, operations risk and regulatory background.

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